Feature overview

Your Smart Shopping List, Kitchen Inventory, Recipe Collection, Meal Schedule, Package-Free Shopping

Poyki has five sections which are closely connected: Ingredients, Recipes, Plan, Shopping List and Packaging.

tl;dr: Based on your stock of ingredients and based on your planned recipes Poyki will automatically generate your shopping list. (But it’s still super flexible and configurable.)


Screenshot of inventory list (grid view)

Register the ingredients you commonly use or you need in your recipes. Choose how you want to specify the available amount: grams, liters, ounces or any other unit. Alternatively use just “empty”, “low”, “full” or a percentage.
Poyki lets you specify a minimum amount you always want to have in stock, and, if you are an experienced Poyki user, the app lets you set many more options: rounding of amounts (e.g. to 0.5 pieces) for both stock and shopping list, reminders, categories or labels, barcodes and packaging.


Screenshot of Recipes view, light mode

Register the recipes you cook regularly. Those recipes can then be added to your meal plan.
Recipes allow you to specify the ingredients you need to cook it plus optional instructions. Instructions support simple formatting by enclosing words into bold and underline.
If you change the multiplier of a recipe, Poyki will calculate the multiplied amount of ingredients you need to cook it.
You can even reference other recipes from a recipe so you don’t need to duplicate ingredients and instructions in multiple recipes. Let’s say you have multiple Pizza recipes, then you could link your pizza dough recipe to all your pizza recipes.
Poyki also allows you to add pictures to recipes. You could take a picture of the raw ingredients or a photo of the cooked meal. Up to you.

Plan / Schedule

Screenshot of plan / schedule view

Schedule recipes and ingredients for certain days. Based on that schedule (and on other criteria) the automatic shopping list will be created.
For one day you can schedule multiple different recipes and set a multiplier for when you have guests, for example. If you just need more apples on a certain day, you can also just add a few apples, without the need for a full recipe.

Shopping List

Screenshot of shopping list (list view)

The Shopping list is the core of the app. Based on your schedule, based on the minimum amount of ingredients you want to have in stock and based on the number of days you want to plan in advance, your shopping list will be composed automatically. But you still can add items manually or hide items if you want to skip certain ingredients. Flexible filters, for example by labels, allow you to only show items from a certain shop.
Updating items with the purchased amount will remove the item from the shopping list automatically, if you now, after the purchase, have a sufficient amount.


Screenshot of empty package screen

In case you bring your own packaging to shops, Poyki allows you to register your packages in the app. It can be useful to note the weight of your empty package (e.g. an empty bottle) before you fill it up with vinegar, oil or whatever in your shop. You can also add a photo and link the packaging to single ingredients.

More Features

Dark Mode: To protect your eyes during the night, we designed a beautiful dark mode for the app.

Keep Screen On: On recipe screens you can tell Poyki to not turn off your screen. This way you don’t have to touch your phone with dirty fingers.

Configurable: Many features of Poyki are configurable to tailor the app’s behavior to your specific preferences and needs.

Two ways of searching: Use the classic search by typing text or use the “starting letter filter” to quickly filter the items you need.

Flexible Filters and sort order: Filter by labels, by users who last edited, filter by items which have or do not have a barcode and much more. Sort by name, by availbale amount, by often used and much more.

Scan barcodes: Even faster than searching by name or filtering: scan the barcode of an item to immediately open an item’s settings.

Flexible subscription model: Choose which plan is best for your situation. Even with the free version of Poyki you can use Poyki Sync if someone in your family uses the Sync Family plan.

Realtime updates: You will get changes to your Family Space onto your phone almost immediately, if you are connected to the internet.

Edit Notifications: When someone else within the same Family Space starts editing Poyki you’ll be notified (if you and the other user is ok with it).

Ingredient Notifications: Poyki can notify you in advance if you need a certain ingredient for cooking.

Import and export your data: With CSV and text import you can create your lists using a spreadsheet program or text editor. You can also export your data to CSV, text or json format.

Privacy first: We give you full control over your privacy settings. You can disable all features requiring a server, even if that means that you can’t use certain features of the app anymore.