The Story behind Poyki

Your Smart Shopping List, Kitchen Inventory, Recipe Collection, Meal Schedule, Package-Free Shopping

About two years ago we, as a family, asked ourselves the same questions every few days over and over again: What will we cook tomorrow? What do we need for cooking that? Is everything we need on our shopping list?
To optimize our daily grocery shopping experience, we looked for some apps which could help us. There are many excellent apps out there, but we could not find any which exactly fitted our needs.
That’s why we decided to develop our own app. Just for us and tailored to our specific requirements.
The app grew and got more and more features over time. We tested (and are still testing) the app thoroughly as we are using it for our daily life since months now.
So now we had a well working app – why not publish it so everyone can benefit from it?
Of course there are many things to consider and to polish before you can release an app to the public. Just think about privacy options, app store presence, translations etc.

As we developed this app “anyway” for us personally, and not to make money, you may ask “but why do you charge money for a subscription then?”. Well, the servers we are using cost some money – the more they are used the more they cost. To compensate that and the extra effort needed to publish an app for the public, we decided to change some money for the Sync feature of the app.

In a first step we will see how it goes, and then, the next logical step will be to bring Poyki to more platforms (namely iOS and the Web).

We hope you like the Android version so far and we hope it can help you optimizing your grocery shopping experience just as it did for us.

Best Regards,
Michael & Family

October 2020