How to delete your data

Your Smart Shopping List, Kitchen Inventory, Recipe Collection, Meal Schedule, Package-Free Shopping

With Poyki, you can share your database (ingredients, recipes, meal schedule, shopping list and packages) using a so called Family Space ID. Using the Family Space ID the data is synchronized with up to five household members. Users cannot create a classic user account with user name and password, but instead users can create and share so called Family Spaces. Sharing a Family Space ID is similar to link sharing known from other services.

There are two options how you can delete your Family Space database from our server:

Delete your data from within the app

In the Poyki app, go to Settings -> Import/Export -> Delete all. All your data is deleted immediately after clicking this button.

Warning: This affects everyone using the same Family Space ID because deleting all data not only deletes all data from your own device, but also deletes all data from the server which is then synchronized with everyone else’s devices using the same Family Space ID.

Or send us an email

Send us an email to and specify your Family Space ID. We will delete you data within three business days.

Warning: This affects everyone using the same Family Space ID. The data on everyone’s phones using the same Family Space ID will be deleted as well.

Which data is deleted

Using one of the above methods the following data will be deleted:

  • ingredients
  • recipes
  • meal schedules
  • shopping list
  • packages
  • images associated with meals and packages
  • chosen nicknames for displaying last edited information
  • the Family Space ID itself

Warning: There is no way for us to restore your data once deleted.

To create a backup, you can always make a local copy of your Family Space database to your device’s local database. Your local data has to be deleted separately from within the app or by deleting Poyki’s app data.